Slickie for chilly indoor environments.

Cold/Indoor Environments

We’ve all been there…an office environment so cold you have to keep a sweater or jacket at the ready, even in the middle of summer. Short sleeves? Out of the question!

Find anytime comfort with the new Slickie from LayerMates. Available in 2 colors, it’s easy to wear this base layer underneath your normal clothing. Ready to take it off at the end of the day? It’s easy to remove without the need for privacy.

Ready to end the Cold War?

Outdoor Work

Working outdoors can expose one to brutal conditions on any given day. From chilly cold fronts to an unforgiving sun, mother nature is not as predictable as we would like.

Put these inconveniences behind you with Slickie. This unique performance wicking undergarment provides protection from the elements without double-layering your core. Plus, you get long-sleeve sun protection that you can remove in seconds.

Say goodbye to the farmer’s tan!