Introducing the Slickie

The revolutionary Slickie is an innovative fashion and athletic apparel accessory for both men and women. Slickie is a lightweight, long sleeved, base layer garment that enables the user to selectively add the comfort of long sleeves to any short sleeved or sleeveless garment. When conditions change and the sleeves are no longer desired, the unique one-piece design allows for easy and convenient removable (anywhere) without requiring removal of the outer garment.

No longer do you need to wonder what to wear, short sleeves or long. No one likes to lug around a bulky jacket, nor do we like to be too hot or too cold. Slickie solves this dilemma many of us face every day.

How it Works

Slickie is worn under a short sleeve outer garment, such as a T-shirt or athletic apparel, converting the arrangement into a comfortable, long sleeve configuration. When the user desires to convert to short sleeves, the Slickie easily pulls off without requiring the removal of the outer garment.

Slickie’s design extends from the shoulders to just below the armpits, so it’s easy to remove it without taking off the garment you’re wearing over it. Simply pull outwardly on a sleeve and remove one arm at a time (elbow first), then pull it off over your head, all without removing the outer garment. Roll or fold it and put it in your purse or pocket, alternatively tie it around your waist, until it’s needed again.

How it Works

Slickie is perfect for anyone who periodically experiences changes in conditions such as wind, sun, ambient, or body temperature and likes to stay comfortable. Slickie is the lightweight garment solution that we all need to enhance comfort and convenience in our active lives.

The perfect transition for cool mornings to warm days to cool nights, for cold offices, restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes – anywhere you need some temporary warmth. Slickie is great regardless of the activity: working, running, jogging, hiking, biking, soccer, yoga, baseball, golf, tennis, gardening, boating, fishing, dining out or just hanging around the house. Rolls or folds into a small package for quick and easy storage in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

The Slickie

Slickie provides anytime comfort and on-the-go de-layering.

Our Commitment to Ethical Manufacturing

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We believe that our supply chain and the final product you hold in your hands should fully reflect our goals to make the world a better place, and we stand behind every aspect of our business processes.